The snow is falling
On a dark winter’s night,
I am as cold
As the frost and ice.

Snowflakes fall,
That each pattern is ever so unique.
As snowflakes are like people,
We are all ever so unique.
No two are the same
Like me and you.
They come and go
Like me and you.

As the seasons change,
So do we all.
As the weather changes
We all bend to nature’s call.


Power of social media

Social media like anything else has its pros and cons list. Like anything else it is good and bad. Recently for myself I have found it a source of good.

I don’t just use social media to connect with family and friends but a way to connect to people and activities and hobbies I have an interest, as it is a great way to connect to people of a like mindedness. As I love doing family history I decided to join an ancestry group. From joining this group I posted on the group for help about my ancestors in specific counties of the UK. From those posts people connected with me and helped me with suggestions and those suggestions of joining other family history groups for the specific geographical areas I was looking for. So I did. It was a good decision to do so, as after joining these other groups I gave it a shot in posting about a specific ancestor and their surname and the details of trying to see if anyone was on the group that I was related to or could just help me in finding information.

With a ping on Facebook I got a reply. The person that had replied was in fact a distant cousin. From a small conversation on Facebook we transferred onto email. From there we swapped information and pictures. I was happy to have found out more but to have connected with a relative.

So that is the moral of the story, don’t just use social media to connect with family and friends, but join groups, follow pages for hobbies and activities you like to do, as you never know who or what you might find out.

Inspiration for my poetry

Throughout January or for the most of it I have written poems for each time I posted.

For me writing a poem is the best way to express myself quickly and fluently. All I do is just write them, read what I have written and publish it and if you like it you will read, if not then you will move onto the next best thing. Also they are all original poems.
Although for me I write for myself and if people like what I have written then that is an added bonus. The inspiration for my poetry comes from many things such as:

• How I feel at that time
• Conversations I have had or overheard
• A phrase I may see online or in the news spark an inspiration
• Surroundings of a place I am at or would like to be
• Perception on people
• Perception of the world

Anything that inspires me will make me write. If you like it and read it and can hear my voice or it touches you in a way then thank you and all I can say is keep reading away.



I want the world to see

We all wear a mask
To show the world what it wants to see.
But deep down in a dark hidden place,
Is the truest part
Where we know what we want to be,
Our purest thoughts and dreams.
The things we want no one to see,
For fear that if we do,
Our vulnerability will be shown.
That all the cards are on the table
For everyone to see,
So instead we wear a mask,
To show the world what it wants to see.

In a room full of people I am one thing to them.
In a room just with you I am another.
But in a room alone I am the true version of me.
A mask for them, or two or three,
A mask for you, but maybe none at all,
A mask for me? No not at all.
For a mask for me will fool me alone,
Not you or the world.
Tomorrow I will wear a mask for the world to see,
Who I want them to think I am, to think they know me.
When in reality it is only me who knows who I truly am.

Loneliness and Isolation

Loneliness is a killer
Isolation is a killer
Together they are lethal!
You seem subdued,
You seem different.
In a word where you only see pain,
Share it
Say it
Mould it to what you want.
To be alone with your thoughts
Is anxious,
It taunts at every string of your soul.
Reach at a hand and see who maybe on the other side.

The promise of change

I asked you something once,
Will you ever change?
You once said yes.
Yes to change,
Yes to the promise of change.
That promise you made.
The one you said you would keep,
Keep for me.
Never to hurt me, never to go back,
Well you did.
You broke a promise you once made with me.
Never to go back to history,
Well you did.
I asked you something once
Will you ever change?
I realised in the end it was me who had.