Solving the riddle of Sarah

On my last post about trying to find the missing pieces I discussed on trying to figure out who Sarah Pritchard was on an 1871 census I had found.

Well I finally figured out who she was. Whilst looking on a family research website of Find My Past, I was browsing newspaper articles to see if there were any references to a Frederick Pritchard, or any Pritchard in the Stalybridge/Dukinfield area where the Pritchard family resided. With a bit of luck I noticed a Frederick Pritchard mentioned as part of a marriage announcement with a Sarah Clayton. The article had a date of 23rd March 1876.

I decided to double-check the information date wise through another research website I use looking at Cheshire’s birth, marriages and deaths. As Ashton, Stalybridge and Dukinfield come under Tameside, the records for this area are on the Cheshire website.

Furthermore I looked into the dates of 1876 with Frederick Pritchard without putting Sarah’s name into the search box. Once pressing search there was a result of Frederick Pritchard marrying Sarah Clayton in 1876. Just like the article had said!

I was happy! The reason was that this information fitted into the 1871 census, as well as his second wife my twice great-grandmother died the same year. So therefore all the pieces seemed to fit into place.

Through a bit of luck and double checking I found out where the pieces fitted into this big jigsaw of my family tree.

Trying to find the missing pieces

Do you remember trying to fit a jigsaw together and struggling to find which pieces go where? The reason I use this analogy is because that is how I feel with my family tree right now. Some pieces fit together and there are some which seem to fit the puzzle but I am unsure to where they go yet.

I decided to revisit my great grandmother’s family on my paternal side. Minnie Pritchard was her name before she married. I have photographs of her and her parents as well and their names. Her father was a man who intrigued me and I kept returning to this particular family unit. His name was Napoleon.

Looking through census records I found a trail of his life and who his father was. The problem came when I was trying to figure out Napoleon’s mother. From looking at the Cheshire database on birth, marriage and deaths I saw a maiden name, the same maiden name for his two brothers. In comparing this to the census records I had found there was a woman called Sarah, so I assumed Sarah was the first name of the mother. To be honest I had a feeling of not being sure Sarah was correct as I had no other paper evidence apart from a census of 1871. Therefore I took a decision to order a copy of the birth certificate. When it came in the post I found out that my assumption was inaccurate. The maiden name was the same as the Cheshire database, but the first name was different. It did not say Sarah but Elizabeth.

The birth record stated Elizabeth Pritchard with the important of formerly and her maiden name. This proved there was a marriage at some point between the two. It is just now trying to find the documentation to prove a marriage existed rather than it just being a lie (which I doubt). Now I know that is the next place for me to look into is marriage records of these two people.

Also I would like to know more about Elizabeth. Such as where was she from? What year was she born? Who were her parents? Did she have siblings?

But the more questions I have is to who is Sarah? Is she someone who Frederic remarried after Elizabeth? Then where did Elizabeth go, did she die? So many questions about the women surrounding Frederic’s life. Then again there are a lot I have for the father of Napoleon, Frederic Pritchard. Sometimes his name was spelt without a K and sometimes with. He seemed to have disappeared on two census records of 1851 and 1861. From what I know Frederic’s children lived with his parents on the 1861 where Napoleon was 11. The strange thing is there are no parents. Frederic and whoever he was with Elizabeth or Sarah are not on the census. So where they are in the world is a mystery I want to solve.

With all these questions you can see why I was referencing it being like a jigsaw puzzle. Right now it is somewhat confusing. In the end I am sure I will get the answers needed, but at the end of the day it is all very fascinating and intriguing. Especially to go back onto my genealogy journey once again in finding out where my roots are and what sort of people I am related to.

Doing my family tree taps into the interest in history and even more so when you have something or someone tangible to place in that time period in history. I know I am enjoying being back on that rollercoaster once more.

New Year Resolutions

First of all happy new year to everyone and I hope it was a good celebration into 2017.

My blog post today will be looking at new year resolutions. Many of us make them and there are those who will roll their eyes just at seeing the title. Don’t worry it is not forcing you to make them, but just my opinion on them.

I like every year make resolutions, but I never keep them. This time however I have a slightly different mind-set to them. I hope you do to! Instead of seeing it as a resolution, something to fix as that is what a resolution is, to resolve something. Instead see it as a goal.

I decided to put these goals into something to do, learn and keep.

Something to do could be anything from loosing weight, stop smoking, get more active to trying to get up and be a morning person.

Something to learn is as it says whether you want to learn a new skill like a language or to dance to even reading a book in a subject area you would have never done before. Do it!

Something to keep is taking something in 2016 you were proud of and continuing in the next year, for me that is to keep writing whether it is in a journal or on this blog. For me it is something I was proud to get back into. So what achievement are your proud to continue?

As well know they are all ways to improve us mentally and physically as well as emotionally. But if you have a bad day where you feel like you failed. Do not worry, it happens we are all human after all. If you have a day where you go off-balance then take the next day as a new day and keep going. As most resolutions/goals we make are not going to be finished by the 31st January, it is a journey throughout the year. Take each day as it comes, rather than each month.

Take care and good luck with what you have chosen to achieve.


I just want to say…

I just want to say thank you to everyone who has viewed, commented, liked and shared my blog.

When I started it I did not expect much as I wrote for me and hopefully if it interested someone then that would be a bonus! Many of you were and for that I am grateful.

I hope everyone has a good and merry Christmas to you all.

Keep being creative and continue reading in 2017.

Do you believe in a muse?

This is for all the inspired and creative type out there!

Here is the question: do you believe in a muse?

What do I mean? That person or thing that makes you inspired to write, paint or by what any creative means. For me I believe in this. The reason why is because I have written poetry about someone and how they made me feel. I have done this in a situation where I have had a dream, struggled to sleep.

A muse for me is that spark of imagination.

What do you think?

Inspiration comes from anywhere

Currently I am on holiday, but there is always inspiration for a writer.

I find on holiday you will come across people you will never meet in everyday life. People from other places, languages, cultures and customs.

I find as a writer being in a different environment helps the mind to not go stale or in essence suffer writers block. Which I have had often before this break.

Even the activities are diverse from home. You seek adventure more. You find passions anew or rejuvenate old ones.

For me it has been an eye opener to freshen the mind and once again have a crystal clear clarity!