Taking a break

I will be taking a small break from blogging, but I will be back very soon!

I promise!


Power of social media

Social media like anything else has its pros and cons list. Like anything else it is good and bad. Recently for myself I have found it a source of good.

I don’t just use social media to connect with family and friends but a way to connect to people and activities and hobbies I have an interest, as it is a great way to connect to people of a like mindedness. As I love doing family history I decided to join an ancestry group. From joining this group I posted on the group for help about my ancestors in specific counties of the UK. From those posts people connected with me and helped me with suggestions and those suggestions of joining other family history groups for the specific geographical areas I was looking for. So I did. It was a good decision to do so, as after joining these other groups I gave it a shot in posting about a specific ancestor and their surname and the details of trying to see if anyone was on the group that I was related to or could just help me in finding information.

With a ping on Facebook I got a reply. The person that had replied was in fact a distant cousin. From a small conversation on Facebook we transferred onto email. From there we swapped information and pictures. I was happy to have found out more but to have connected with a relative.

So that is the moral of the story, don’t just use social media to connect with family and friends, but join groups, follow pages for hobbies and activities you like to do, as you never know who or what you might find out.

Inspiration for my poetry

Throughout January or for the most of it I have written poems for each time I posted.

For me writing a poem is the best way to express myself quickly and fluently. All I do is just write them, read what I have written and publish it and if you like it you will read, if not then you will move onto the next best thing. Also they are all original poems.
Although for me I write for myself and if people like what I have written then that is an added bonus. The inspiration for my poetry comes from many things such as:

• How I feel at that time
• Conversations I have had or overheard
• A phrase I may see online or in the news spark an inspiration
• Surroundings of a place I am at or would like to be
• Perception on people
• Perception of the world

Anything that inspires me will make me write. If you like it and read it and can hear my voice or it touches you in a way then thank you and all I can say is keep reading away.



This New Year!

Happy New Year!

To another year of change, continuity and just plain rollercoaster ride of emotions, tasks and actions. Every year at this time we decide to make resolutions to change and improve ourselves. Usually I make a couple, like everybody else. But this year the only one I will be making only one and that is to just continue where I left off.

By that I mean continuing writing this blog and posting every Monday and Thursday on a continuous basis, hoping that what I write, will entertain you each time.


A reflection of the year

Soon enough it will be the start of a new year, of 2018. I thought that today’s post would be about the reflections of our accomplishments and success’ of the year, as well as the minor short comings (but not too many).

Think about this time last year, when we approaching 2017. Who were you then? Have you changed since then? One thing I can say is yes more than likely that you have. Every year we grow, transform and sometimes regress backwards. It can happen.

It is always good to look back and see where we are now and to then look forward.

But firstly look back, back to the year behind us. What milestones have you reached? What steps have you taken to reach your goals and dreams? What mistakes have you made? Look at the sand within the hour-glass and see it full, soon you will turn it over to start again.

When I look at my milestones and achievements I look at how I eventually passed my theory test on my driving, something which held me back all them years ago when I initially started to learn to drive. I think I was scared of the failure, a slight perfectionism within me, but now not so much. Instead I jumped in and did it.

I volunteered with my local GP for an initiative not just because I wanted to help others, but really help myself. As someone who is unemployed and still is I wanted to be involved in something. Put my talents and skills to use, as well as building my confidence. Which it has. Now I am confident because I decided to jump in. You might have noticed a theme here.

I decided to take risks more, some small and others big like volunteering in meeting new people and gaining their trust in completing tasks. I took the risk of restarting this blog and become dedicated to posting on set days, hoping people will read it. If they don’t I carry on because it helps me, as writing is a passion of mine and I just keep writing!!

But one flaw I do have is not wanting to do things on my own. I said I have confidence, but not always enough courage and self belief that I can do something on my own and it will be okay. I would love to travel more and see places like you see people do on their own all the time, someday I just might be like that, but that is something I need to work on.

One thing that may have impacted your year is the people who have come and gone from your life this year. This is something I can relate to whole heartedly as earlier in the year I lost a friend who I met on my dialysis/transplant journey. I remember hearing off Natalie’s mum knowing that it was either she had a transplant or had died, unfortunately it was the latter. I was devastated in hearing she had gone, but I had hope in remembering the good times we had, the moments we shared. Even though we weren’t close, we still talked every now and then. So I believe people come and go in and out of our lives for a reason, a purpose. What that is I cannot say, as everyone is different, but remembering them keeps them alive and the impact they have on you.

Furthermore upon the subject of people and the expectations we portray and receive. I always try and treat people the way I want to be treated, but a lot of the time it is not returned. I and like many others find this disappointing that you sound get the same back as you might have done for other. My advice for that and something I learnt is know your limits with people, only take so much before you make a change in your behaviour or even to that person. It may sound harsh, but take into next year of knowing your individual limits and not over sacrificing for someone else, who doesn’t always appreciate what you have done and who you are as a person!

In looking forward 2018 will bring the same triumphs, tribulations, happiness and sorrow as before it just in how we deal with it all. Whatever may hit you in the upcoming year, just bring it and take it on head first!

The form of etiquette

When I was a child I was always taught my manners of please and thank you. Always write a thank you note in recognition for a present for Christmas and birthdays. Say sorry and mean it, if you are in the wrong. One thing I really have noticed is how manners and shall I say etiquette have gone out of the window.

I find nowadays people are more rude than before. One thing I have noticed which is my ultimate pet peeve is when people are walking and looking down at their phone and are not looking where they are walking. But best part is when they bump into you as if it is your fault, even though you are watching where you are going and have moved to avoid them, they still give you a look as if you are in the wrong. Better yet they ignore you and just walk mindlessly along.

Honestly I wish you would LOOK UP from your phone and take in the world around you, rather than keeping it all virtual. There is a lot going on around you as well, plus it would save you keep bumping into people.

Talking of phones, another thing that annoys me is phone on the table when you are out for lunch with someone. Put the phone away, talk to the person opposite you and pay attention. Put your phone away. Engage with the people around you who actually want to spend time with you, not a food picture to get more followers on Instagram.

Furthermore if someone opens a door for you or keep it open, then say THANK YOU! Two words that show appreciation. Remember them. Thank you is important whether it be in person or a note. We all like to be appreciated.

Lastly say please. It can go a long way!