Mystery of William solved

In 1911 my half great-uncle William Parry was living with a family whose surname was Roberts in Manchester, England. He was not living with his father William and stepmother Minnie; who is my great-grandmother.

In the 1911 census it said that William was a nephew in relation to the head of the household John Roberts. Automatically I assumed it was from the wife Mary Ellen who at first I thought her maiden name was Pritchard, like my great-grandmother Minnie. So I assumed that she undertook him as a nephew because of her sister. So that was that, I took it as what it was.

Over time I was going back over old research in looking at what I initially did, especially with the Pritchard relations in the confusion they had caused previously. Now I had assumed Mary Ellen to be a Pritchard, but could not find her on a census record with those who I assumed were her siblings. So I was confused.

After looking on other people’s ancestry trees for inspiration I saw one that had Mary Ellen as a Parry, so I got in contact with them. Now the ironic funny thing is Mary Ellen and John Roberts had many children and one called Emily. I had a photograph of Emily Roberts and this person who I contacted also had Emily Roberts on their tree. We chatted and I mentioned this photograph. I sent it her to confirm whether it was Emily. The funny thing was this in her reply “I have that exact photograph, she is my grandmother”. So I knew we had a connection somehow but still did not connect the dots to how, nor could she.

After giving this section on Parry and Pritchard a break I went back to it with a new lease of life. After re-reading the email the woman I contacted had sent, I wondered if there was some reason to contemplate in what if I had not picked up on whether my great-grandfather William had more siblings than I already had who were, the older Edward, the younger John and older half sibling Richard.

Digging and searching around trying to find if my hunch on Mary Ellen was correct. I got an answer. It was indeed what was right in front of my eyes all of this time, but something I had never contemplated or even considered. Mary Ellen was a Parry and a sibling to my great-grandfather William. I did not just find Mary Ellen but also an even younger brother than John, his name was Daniel.

So instead of my twice great-grandfather Daniel and twice great-grandmother Ellen only having three Parry children, there were indeed five of them. The mystery of who my great-uncle William was staying with from the age of six till his death, was in fact his aunt through his paternal link. In learning this it was a very Eureka! moment.

I was excited to finally have the answers. In doing so I contacted the woman who was Emily Robert’s granddaughter who was in fact a cousin of mine because of Mary Ellen being a younger sister of my great-grandfather William. I shared the information I had with her and she was also excited but grateful as I had helped her as she lives in Canada and was not sure from stories she was told on anything about her great-grandmother Mary Ellen Parry and who her parents were. So in helping myself I also helped her as well.

It was a huge relief to have got the mystery of which person he was connected to solved. I found a relation and more siblings who are my twice great-aunt and uncles in the process.


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