After the Hello

Upon following the post of when someone says hello I decided to take a little break from genealogy as I stated in that blog post, my confidence was slightly knocked. So after a mini break I decided to go at it again.

By this time I had accepted that the person contacting me in how I was wrong was correct in this statement. At times I will admit in my researching the Oakes side of my tree some things did not make sense to me and now I know why, the reason being I had the wrong branches.

In a risk decision I decided to get rid of those who I thought should be in my branch to deleting them to just having my twice great grandparents and the recorded evidence I knew was correct which was the census records of 1891 and 1901. Both these records said how my twice great-grandfather was born in Kings Lynn, Norfolk and had nothing to do with Scotland apart from his wife and son (my great-grandfather).

The census records gave a variation of birth dates for my twice great-grandfather and finding his baptism and who his parents were was becoming difficult and frustrating. With that in mind and how many did not always have an accurate knowledge of their own birth I decided to look at a larger scope. In doing so I had a lot more look within Norfolk. The census records said 1864 and 1861 and the record I found was 1857 as that was the closest to these years with a record that exists in that county.

Since then I have flown by going back to the 1700’s with siblings and even more so many times great grandparents. So after myself being annoyed I did message the person who initially contacted me and thanked them for saying I was wrong. As without that it wold not have led me in the direction I am now on with the Oakes side of the family tree. Guess what? It has an awful lot of Norfolk relations.


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