Solving the riddle of Sarah

On my last post about trying to find the missing pieces I discussed on trying to figure out who Sarah Pritchard was on an 1871 census I had found.

Well I finally figured out who she was. Whilst looking on a family research website of Find My Past, I was browsing newspaper articles to see if there were any references to a Frederick Pritchard, or any Pritchard in the Stalybridge/Dukinfield area where the Pritchard family resided. With a bit of luck I noticed a Frederick Pritchard mentioned as part of a marriage announcement with a Sarah Clayton. The article had a date of 23rd March 1876.

I decided to double-check the information date wise through another research website I use looking at Cheshire’s birth, marriages and deaths. As Ashton, Stalybridge and Dukinfield come under Tameside, the records for this area are on the Cheshire website.

Furthermore I looked into the dates of 1876 with Frederick Pritchard without putting Sarah’s name into the search box. Once pressing search there was a result of Frederick Pritchard marrying Sarah Clayton in 1876. Just like the article had said!

I was happy! The reason was that this information fitted into the 1871 census, as well as his second wife my twice great-grandmother died the same year. So therefore all the pieces seemed to fit into place.

Through a bit of luck and double checking I found out where the pieces fitted into this big jigsaw of my family tree.


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