Trying to find the missing pieces

Do you remember trying to fit a jigsaw together and struggling to find which pieces go where? The reason I use this analogy is because that is how I feel with my family tree right now. Some pieces fit together and there are some which seem to fit the puzzle but I am unsure to where they go yet.

I decided to revisit my great grandmother’s family on my paternal side. Minnie Pritchard was her name before she married. I have photographs of her and her parents as well and their names. Her father was a man who intrigued me and I kept returning to this particular family unit. His name was Napoleon.

Looking through census records I found a trail of his life and who his father was. The problem came when I was trying to figure out Napoleon’s mother. From looking at the Cheshire database on birth, marriage and deaths I saw a maiden name, the same maiden name for his two brothers. In comparing this to the census records I had found there was a woman called Sarah, so I assumed Sarah was the first name of the mother. To be honest I had a feeling of not being sure Sarah was correct as I had no other paper evidence apart from a census of 1871. Therefore I took a decision to order a copy of the birth certificate. When it came in the post I found out that my assumption was inaccurate. The maiden name was the same as the Cheshire database, but the first name was different. It did not say Sarah but Elizabeth.

The birth record stated Elizabeth Pritchard with the important of formerly and her maiden name. This proved there was a marriage at some point between the two. It is just now trying to find the documentation to prove a marriage existed rather than it just being a lie (which I doubt). Now I know that is the next place for me to look into is marriage records of these two people.

Also I would like to know more about Elizabeth. Such as where was she from? What year was she born? Who were her parents? Did she have siblings?

But the more questions I have is to who is Sarah? Is she someone who Frederic remarried after Elizabeth? Then where did Elizabeth go, did she die? So many questions about the women surrounding Frederic’s life. Then again there are a lot I have for the father of Napoleon, Frederic Pritchard. Sometimes his name was spelt without a K and sometimes with. He seemed to have disappeared on two census records of 1851 and 1861. From what I know Frederic’s children lived with his parents on the 1861 where Napoleon was 11. The strange thing is there are no parents. Frederic and whoever he was with Elizabeth or Sarah are not on the census. So where they are in the world is a mystery I want to solve.

With all these questions you can see why I was referencing it being like a jigsaw puzzle. Right now it is somewhat confusing. In the end I am sure I will get the answers needed, but at the end of the day it is all very fascinating and intriguing. Especially to go back onto my genealogy journey once again in finding out where my roots are and what sort of people I am related to.

Doing my family tree taps into the interest in history and even more so when you have something or someone tangible to place in that time period in history. I know I am enjoying being back on that rollercoaster once more.


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