New Year Resolutions

First of all happy new year to everyone and I hope it was a good celebration into 2017.

My blog post today will be looking at new year resolutions. Many of us make them and there are those who will roll their eyes just at seeing the title. Don’t worry it is not forcing you to make them, but just my opinion on them.

I like every year make resolutions, but I never keep them. This time however I have a slightly different mind-set to them. I hope you do to! Instead of seeing it as a resolution, something to fix as that is what a resolution is, to resolve something. Instead see it as a goal.

I decided to put these goals into something to do, learn and keep.

Something to do could be anything from loosing weight, stop smoking, get more active to trying to get up and be a morning person.

Something to learn is as it says whether you want to learn a new skill like a language or to dance to even reading a book in a subject area you would have never done before. Do it!

Something to keep is taking something in 2016 you were proud of and continuing in the next year, for me that is to keep writing whether it is in a journal or on this blog. For me it is something I was proud to get back into. So what achievement are your proud to continue?

As well know they are all ways to improve us mentally and physically as well as emotionally. But if you have a bad day where you feel like you failed. Do not worry, it happens we are all human after all. If you have a day where you go off-balance then take the next day as a new day and keep going. As most resolutions/goals we make are not going to be finished by the 31st January, it is a journey throughout the year. Take each day as it comes, rather than each month.

Take care and good luck with what you have chosen to achieve.