I just want to say…

I just want to say thank you to everyone who has viewed, commented, liked and shared my blog.

When I started it I did not expect much as I wrote for me and hopefully if it interested someone then that would be a bonus! Many of you were and for that I am grateful.

I hope everyone has a good and merry Christmas to you all.

Keep being creative and continue reading in 2017.


Do you believe in a muse?

This is for all the inspired and creative type out there!

Here is the question: do you believe in a muse?

What do I mean? That person or thing that makes you inspired to write, paint or by what any creative means. For me I believe in this. The reason why is because I have written poetry about someone and how they made me feel. I have done this in a situation where I have had a dream, struggled to sleep.

A muse for me is that spark of imagination.

What do you think?

Inspiration comes from anywhere

Currently I am on holiday, but there is always inspiration for a writer.

I find on holiday you will come across people you will never meet in everyday life. People from other places, languages, cultures and customs.

I find as a writer being in a different environment helps the mind to not go stale or in essence suffer writers block. Which I have had often before this break.

Even the activities are diverse from home. You seek adventure more. You find passions anew or rejuvenate old ones.

For me it has been an eye opener to freshen the mind and once again have a crystal clear clarity!