Escapism of the classics

As far as I can remember and was old enough to be able to read, I have always loved classical literature with the likes of Jane Austen, Bronte sisters and even the works of Shakespeare.

As a child I loved the myths and legends of Norse and Greek origins. It is an area of literature that has always fascinated me. So when I knew Marvel were bringing out Thor, of course I was excited as I knew the characters from Norse mythology. I loved it that much that at college I took the subject classical civilisation that concentrated on Roman and Greek roots of history. In this subject I chose Greek literature and specifically speaking Homer’s Iliad. I loved the film Troy because of the fantastic actors in it, that reading the work was exciting for me. I was not disappointed either.

But back to the classical literature of Austen and the Bronte sisters in particular. There work has been reimagined in television and film countless times, that we all have a favourite adaptation. I find my fascination with the worlds they write is because it is a world and a society that no longer exist in modern culture. The elements of social class, gender, the social norms and values of the times are a time forgotten in some ways a good thing, especially with women marrying for advantageous marriages out of financial security and not love. Even though Austen shows us many love marriages in Pride and Prejudice with Jane and Mr Bingley as well as Elizabeth and Mr Darcy. Nowadays they are a good escapism of romance, chivalry and the outfits of corsets and bonnets. As well as pomp and ceremony of how things were done, some may argue how they would still like to be done.

I found the same with the Bronte sisters with Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights. Both gothic, dark and yet endearing. For me these novels just give an insight into the mind of the authors as well as the period in time they were set. I adore Jane Eyre with the innocence and the brooding, mysterious Mr Rochester. I did love the film adaptions with Michael Fassbender who for me did the character a justice.

I find that the women in the classical literature are written as strong, yet underestimated and undervalued in the beginning, but as the story evolves they become their own and drive the story forward. But that is just my opinion.

This literature is something that ha always fascinated me and impassioned the imagination of romance, survival and loyalty. Loyalty to oneself and to the family and friends the characters relies on throughout the novel.

On the other hand I do love the adaption that come from the origins of these authors. Best of these and I do recommend is the Jane Austen book club and Austen land. Both very loving and funny films that are inspired by these wonderful writers.


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