Writing to convince

Recently I decided to start writing a novel. A story that has been whirling around in my mind for a while, so I thought I would give it a shot. The problem is not the story but the characters I am writing.

In my mind I know the strengths and weaknesses and even the dark side to them, bit like us all in a way. But the problem I have is making them convincing and reliable. Also relatable to people in an everyday situation. I am scared in a way to make them too much like myself. I am aware a writer puts something of themselves into a story, whether from a situation to a character aspect. But could you bare too much of yourself in a piece of writing.

In a way it is similar to poetry. A poem reflects how you feel about something, someone or an entire event such as a season. A poem can also bare a writers soul as it shows just how they feel something, but not always why.

The why is a safety for the writer. Even in a novel the why of why would the character do that. Or why that situation? Only the writer or the poet knows.

In my opinion all art is like this, even a painting. It is painted for a purpose, but over time the why or the purpose is lost. The best example is the painting by Leonardo Da Vinci of The Mona Lisa. It is a painting of mystery because of the speculation of why was it painted. Who was it? All these questions converse into all creative means.

The answer is that only the artist, writer, musician, painter knows why they are doing it and what it is about. Rather then just the shallow of it was done in a time period. But the true layered reason of the purpose behind it is lost, as we can all write a story, song or paint a picture. The value it holds is the key question that sometimes is never answered.


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