A landscape is never the same

Recently when looking at my family tree I have been intrigued at where they lived. Looking at the census’ and seeing what street names there are on the documents and using google maps to locate them.

After a few tries I have had success, but with many I could not find them on a modern map. Thus I decided to research old ordinance maps to see if I could get a better idea of where certain streets were. In this avenue I had a lot of luck. Looking specifically at a map between 1890-1913 I managed to find the streets I was seeking. I was happy at finding them, but it seemed bittersweet.

Upon overlaying the old map to the modern one, I found old streets were replaced with car show rooms and large supermarkets. I was also surprised in a way at how much green space there was with mills, halls, collieries, tanneries and the ever important public house situated in a group of houses, where the community spirit seemed to thrive.

Looking at the contrast it was with a little sadness knowing how much a place can change. Not that I am bothered about changes, but more with what was replaced with where the houses used to be, including a motorway which is obviously useful for transport. The motorway replaced the railway. As Victorian and Edwardian times lived, thrived and depended on the trains and the links they had from town to cities all over the UK.

I understand the times of change but it just shows you actually don’t know what somewhere is like really till you compare the old and new. What is your normal might not be the normal in a 100 years time. Odd when you think of it like that. Just shows how a landscape is always changing and never standing still, with the updates in construction and technology, a place cannot stand still. No matter how much we want it to stay the same.


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