Patience pays off

In my last post I had discussed about finding someone on Facebook who I thought was a relative and I sent them a message. But I did not hear off that person as they have not read the message and sometimes that happens. I did not want to give up and wanted to see if I could find someone else that fitted the specifications of who I was looking for and where.

I did find someone who fitted what I had on my family tree from an estimate of where the descendants maybe living. From that I contacted this other person with the explanation of who I was and asking them if they had a connection to my twice great aunt. It only took two days when I had a reply.

Guess what?

It was the right person. The person I contacted was in fact my third cousin. They are a descendant of my twice great aunt and still live in the same area. It is still a new venture of communication and we are trying to get to know each other and ask questions about each other’s lives. To be honest when I found out I had the correct lineage I was so excited, I felt like a ping pong ball bouncing off the walls. I was very happy indeed.

All I can hope for is a continuous line of communication!