A leap of faith

Recently I have got back into doing my family tree by doing a genealogy course. I am hoping the genealogy course can help me and teach me ways of improving my skills of family tree research.

This inspired me to get stuck into areas unsolved in my tree. I decided to look at the maternal side and the Canadian connection my mum has in the past talked about through those she met when she was younger and her memories, which I love hearing.

Through a lot of luck over the past couple of days I managed to find some ancestors and those that my mum remembered who are no longer with us. Through doing a bit of digging and actually by accident I managed to find someone on Facebook who could actually be a relation of mind.

I was playing with the idea of sending them a message as I thought it would be completely random and out of the blue, which it really is. But in the end I decided to take a leap of faith and message that person and ask them a simple question with an explanation of course to why I am messaging them, as that would be rude if I did not.

Anyway I decided to do it and message them. All it is now is a game of patience to see if they reply or not, obviously that choice is theirs. But I hope that they do, nothing wrong with a bit of hope. Who knows where it may or may not lead to?