A source of inspiration

Inspiration can come in many forms whether it is through music, films, books and art. Modernity and classical issues are also something that can inspire many of us to compose a piece of music or to write a screenplay or a novel. Throughout time there have been many issues that occur all the time, the emotions we hold dear such as love, anger, sadness and fear. With these emotions comes an issue like a broken heart, war, violence and even retribution. These issues and circumstances have in the past created breathe taking visual and musical art, as well as the power of language in poetry or a short story.

 Whatever it is that inspires you and in whatever form that may be, just do it! If you want to write about love then do it. If you want to create a piece of art based on a happy childhood memory or place, then just do it! It is best to give it a go and know you tried rather then not doing it at all and regretting about it in the future.

 There will always be critics of anyone and anything, whether it is justified or not. I would say be creative and get on with it regardless of everyone else. If it makes you happy to express yourself in such a creative means then who cares about anyone else. My best advice would to be happy, do what you want to do without harming anyone else and enjoy your creativeness! As I am sure it is worth it indeed!





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