Scottish Ancestry

Last week I received an email, something that I had anticipated and it was worth the wait. I had emailed a historian at the Aberdeen library to see if they could help me with any research in regards to my Scottish ancestors, the Hadden family. The email was good news.

I had been researching my 6th great grandfather Alexander Hadden who was born and bred in Aberdeen, Scotland. The research indicated that Alexander had created his own business in the hosiery industry that was prominent at the time. He helped to create Hadden mill which was passed down onto his older sons James and Gavin. Both sons did go into local politics and became the Provost of Aberdeen. I did find a portrait of James but none of Gavin.

I already knew that Alexander had married an Elspeth Young who came from a large family which led back to a Captain Gavin Cruickshank who died in a shipwreck in the early 1700’s. His wife Elspeth was important to mention because Alexander’s business partner John Farquhar married Elspeth Young’s Sister Rachel.

When it comes to the Hadden family overall it shows how they expanded not just over the centuries, but over continents as well. The Scottish lineage for me ended with my 3rd great grandfather James Hadden who was born in Kincardineshire, married an Irish woman and lived his life in Ashton in Tameside till his death. James’ grandson also called James was the last male Hadden as he had three girls with one being my great grandmother. The family rooted in Tameside and then moved onto Cheshire where the family connections still reside.




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