Taking a break

I will be taking a small break from blogging, but I will be back very soon!

I promise!


Ticking away

Tick tock
Tick tock
The clock keeps ticking away, in the silent waiting room.
Thoughts are your own apart from tick tock, tick tock
The clock never stops.
Waiting a room, not sure how long for,
Soon enough I will see the door.
The clock still continues tick tock even to an empty room.

The world is a precious pearl

The world was once an oyster
So clean, untouched and beautiful.
Hidden pearls so shiny and new,
Yearned for and desired by explorers galore.
On their ships they went onto the high seas,
Changing the world as it once was.
Conquering and searching for lands to yield to a flag.
A flag the aborigines did not except and bow down to.
Slaughtered, isolated and foreigners settled where they did not before.
To take over the land, to take the beautiful pearls from the shells they belonged to.

But now, now the world is very much changed.
The pearls are now dull and dark.
The explorers created an unhinged chaos.
The world is now global and commercial.
We no longer travel by ship but in the air, to the exotic and beautiful.
But the exotic and beautiful is becoming tainted,
Tainted by us, the descendants of the explorer, the traveller,
The tainted world we now live in is a dying pearl. An oyster that no longer produces anymore,
For we are the reason the pearl is dark.
With the pollution in the air and the sea,
We created the monster of a dying and diminishing oyster clan.
We need to change our ways before the oyster is an extinct.

For one day the future people will say why did they not change their ways?
Why do we suffer the consequence of a generation that died years ago?
The times of ice ages will become a myth with the world becoming an oven instead.
It is time to change our ways before it is too late.
Let the pearls breath and grow once more,
Let the future see the beauty we once saw with the pearls.
For the world we live in is a pearl that needs brightening once more.

Memory of you

The memory of you is hard to lose, though forgetting you will never be a challenge.
As I cling onto the memory of you, I cannot shake you off.
For I remember everything you see, but what I share is up to me.
We always see the good, but never speak of the bad or ugly.
We recall the joy and laughter and sometimes the sadness and tears.
For I cannot forget you and nor do I want to. As to do so would be a sin.

For the memory of you recalls in the first time we met.
The words we shared
The laughter, the tears, the joy and understanding,
A small piece of friendship we shared, an unspoken bond of trust,
Of no words needed in the silence, for it was golden,
But only for a moment,
As now there is a silence that is no longer golden.
It is black and dreary, of knowing your silence will never be broken.
For you are gone but never forgotten. Your memory will live forever.

For I have made peace in a small way,
In knowing you are no longer here.
For the hole you left is rather large and can never be filled.
Time may manage it, only just, for time will continue where you be frozen in time.
A time one day we will all face,
But not too soon I hope.
As I need to share the memory of you, for you are hard to forget.
To forget you will never be done, as too many people knew you for who you are.
You may not see the legacy behind you left, but you did.
The impact ever so great and prolonged, that your memory will live on in us.
It shall never die. For the memory of you is hard to lose.

Winter Olympics

The Winter Olympics are back again,
Where legends are made,
Where the strong and determined prevail,
In mind, body and soul
Every inch is bruised.

Where games are played, on snow and ice,
This time in South Korea,
Fear is used as an adrenaline rush.
Down hills, on skates and skies
Flying through the air.
Making history
Breaking history
Creating history.
For records will be won
Gold, silver and bronze attained.
For the games have begun.

Training begins next year,
Some faces we see every four years.
For next time Asia calls again.
For Beijing will be the next destination,
When we head East for the next Winter Olympic games.

All I see

I look into the mirror
Wanting to see myself,
But all I can see is my past.
The past of my ancestors,
Of war
Of lives lived,
Of loves lost.
Of children born, married and died.

I look into the mirror
Wanting to see myself,
But all I see is the faces of ancestors,
Of similar faces
Of similar characters,
Of names I recognise
Similar to my own.
Of names of meaning
People of consequence.

I look into the mirror,
Wanting to see myself,
But I all I see are all the people,
Who are all related to me.
They helped shape me
They helped create me.
They made me who I am
Who I could be,
For I look into the mirror
All I see is all the people who made me
Looking right back at me.