A discovery of witches: Review

This is a review of the first two episodes of Sky One’s A Discovery of Witches based on the trilogy of books by Deborah Harkness. This article is a personal opinion only.

Firstly I have never read the books or heard of them before seeing there would be a series.

I had first seen a trailer for the upcoming series a couple of weeks ago and I thought this will be good. It seemed enticing and a good story line, exactly what a trailer is meant to do, make you watch the programme. After doing a little research I saw that it was based on a trilogy of books, usually a series translated from book to screen is very good.

The first episode was shown on Friday 14th September, with the second a week later on the 21st. So far I have enjoyed them, as I can see where the plot line may go. But the one problem was that I felt wanting more. For the roughly 45 minutes (approx. without adverts) I felt that there was a lot of walking around, I wanted more action.

So far I understand there is a book which is very important to the existence of creatures. The character of Diana Bishop played by Teresa Palmer (Bedtime stories) is a witch and is the only one to see the book in centuries, now everyone wants it. There is also a vampire called Matthew Clairmont. A charming man played by Matthew Goode (Downtown Abbey). There is a lot of chemistry between the two characters, which is exciting and intriguing.

Overall it looks like it will be a slow burner of a series but it might pick up further down the line. For me it would have been great to see the first two episodes back to back like Sky One have done with other series, rather than wait a week. It looks like a series I will thoroughly enjoy. I am looking forward to seeing more.


Communication is key

Communication is key like tuning a piano,
To play a pretty little tune,
A bum note ruins the song, than no one listens.
Remember to learn the notes to entertain a room
For that pretty little tune speaks a lot with no words.
For communication has words sometime unspoken,
But speak them, sing them, play them
For communication is key to keep the song alive.

The last month

The last month has been the worst,
It feels like a curse.
I am angry at the world, at people, at life.
The consequences of actions that cause strife,
The mountains to overcome, the ones we are all still climbing.
The last month is a never ending mountain, but I cannot go up or down,
I am stuck in the middle. Trying to decide which way to go,
To carry on or to turn back, looking back I don’t think I can.
The way is damaged back down. I must only be going up.
The last month is a mountain to climb, with the summit little in sight,
But I must continue, to climb, to fear, to dream.
I must continue for me, to break the curse.

The soul behind the screen

Craving to know what your touch is like,
The sound of your voice,
The deep longing looks into your eyes, to see the sparkle, the light, the life.
A craving to desire every inch of your mind, body and soul
To surrender to each other on a feeling that has no words.
I wish I could see you, for your remain a faceless mystery.
I crave so much, desire so much for the soul behind the screen.
One day it may happen, where the cravings and desires will be fulfilled.
But then again they may never be!
For all I know in this moment is the craving to know who you are,
To see you, hear you, feel you. To know what makes you tick.
I crave to solve the puzzle of the soul behind the screen.

In the abyss

Here I stand in the abyss, in the darkness
Not knowing where I am, or where I am going.
The sparkle, the shine has got dirty and dimed.
There is a speck of light. I try to hold onto it.
It disappears like the stars when dawn comes.
Here I stand in the abyss, trying to get out!