Lamp light

With just lamp light,
Dark clouds come into cover
The moon and the stars.
Deep into space and time,
A little voice speaks,
The footsteps grow louder
Or is the mind playing tricks?
Listening to melancholy,
Slow and legato songs.
They create the mood
Of lamp light and cloud cover. 

She misses you

It's 2am and she cannot sleep,
It is the middle of Summer,
Thinking about this time last year,
You were there,
Now there is silence.
Not from a need or a want,
But necessity of life.

She deeply understands,
She has compassion for it,
But it doesn't stop her missing you.
The random 2am talk,
Laughs, honesty, listening
Truly listening to one another.
To hobbies, past loves,
Oh and the bad flirting jokes,
She misses it.

Not just because of her feelings,
But because she thinks your great,
A person she can be herself with,
She misses it.
She misses you.

She understands everything,
But still,
The silence is a wave that needs riding,
Temporarily she hopes,
She has faith,
She believes your worth knowing,
Holding onto and fighting for.

Just let her in,
That is all she asks when you decide to return,
Cause she misses you,
Longer then 2am,
But all day and all night,
She misses you.

Letters of the heart

The hearth in her heart,
Was on fire and ablaze,
When adding coal,
It grew higher and she was amazed.

For the thought of one,
Made it soar on high,
To reach the sun and the sunset in the sky.

It was open and pure,
Willing and able,
Sparks flying away,
Happy and not frail.

The hearth marked two letters,
As a blacksmith hammering away,
All was to be revealed,
Two letters the same
The right way and upside down.
Those letters revealed,
Show the deepest desires of the heart.

What are they?
It is up to her to reveal,
For saying out loud makes it real.
Soon enough they will come alive,
For we all know how she feels.

Peace together

You helped unlock keys hidden,
That you managed to find,
Where I dared not let anyone go.
You opened Pandora's box
Then you left.

Not sure of what you found inside,
But the winds and storms were strong,
Fighting them for calmer waters.

One day it was there,
The calm blue sea,
A calm, an inner peace, tranquillity.
I can be fully more me,
With something extra.

You unlocked me, left and and helped me find peace.
Those gifts are rare, cause you came back,
As a storm raged in you.

You wanted calmness and came to the beach to find me.
We found a peace together.

Life’s orchestra

Black and white keys of the piano,
Each representing a letter,
A chord, a sound, a verse,
High notes, low notes.
The flat black keys,
Add to the masterpiece of the music.
Legato, smooth and elegant,
Staccato, quick and fast.
Each part make the piece of music
That surrounds my being at last.

Wooden and curved,
Each bow to each string,
It moves at lightening speed,
Or slow and low,
The hands that hold it decide
Where to go.
It accompanies the keys of the piano,
Adding layer to the masterpiece of music,
Same chords, different tones,
Different interpretations and meanings.
Like the perspectives of life and those around me.

Beat goes the drum,
The base of it all,
Counting one, two, three,
Always in time, always in sync,
Like the rhythm of a heart,
The tapping of fingers,
The depths of desire,
The drum beats to its own drum,
The percussion keeping everything else steady,
For the emotions are constant as the drum.

Which path to choose?

There is always a moment
When we come to a crossroads,
Deciding which path to choose.
Neither is easy or difficult,
Just different.
One route involves one person,
The other route another person,
Which path to choose?

For at the crossroads we make a decision,
Of who we follow and who we leave behind.
Not because they were good or bad,
But because we are different.
Through change and evolution we want different things,
So do we choose that path?
Or the one where we stay the same?
Stunted and withering we will become.

You know in your heart which path and person you want, you need.
But letting go of the other is even harder to do,
For one you have known plenty, the other is new.
Old is boring, new is fresh, not necessarily true or fair to say.
So here at the crossroads we choose which way to go,
Knowing one is hello and the other a goodbye.

Comfortable and confident

Comfortable and confident,
Two words together you don't hear too often,
Fake it to make it,
Then cry and crumble on your own.
It leads to disaster,
As an image can only be held for so long.

Comfortable and confident,
Mainly with myself,
Not caring to what you think of me,
As I know who I am.
Confident in choices,
Comfortable in my skin.
Strong and beautiful.
Happy and content.

Comfortable and Confident,
Two words not often used together,
But powerful when combined.
Take on the world,
A power of one can change everything.

Craving change

There is always that moment
When we seek something new.
That moment of silence in the dawn
When the dark is coming to an end,
Just before bird song,
You can hear a pin drop in the silence.
A sign of a new day, or rebirth.
A new day has come,
But filled with the same old things.
Reality it is a newer version of the same.

Restlessness and itchy feet prevail through the day,
Irritation and frustration dampen the mood,
Same routine, rituals, nothing changes.
You seek the silence of the night and day,
Of the stillness in the silence.
For that was when the mind wanders,
It searches for new things.

Right now I am stood still, 
Watching the world pass me by,
Wanting and craving the be part of life,
Rather then exist in it.
But where to start?
With the blues of dawn
Or the pinks in sunset?
Which one would help me more?
Striving for greatness, happiness, contentment.
All are possible, impossible and unattainable.

Craving change in life,
With work, love and location.
All of it needs something,
But the silence of night and day will not give all answers.
How to begin and where to start?
It is harder as you are older
When cemented foundations of years gone by are built,
They want to be smashed, broken,
So new ones can be made.
Change is coming.

To the people I knew

To the people I knew,
From the good old school days,
Skipping to double Dutch,
Tag your it,
To gossiping of who liked who,
Plans for the weekend,
To trying new experiences.
You still know each other.

But looking back to now,
They are not there
From the old school days.
People grow, people change,
People stay the same.

Not all experiences are nice,
Some are through fear,
To being a sheep of the herd,
To following the crowd.
To the back handed compliments,
To the loneliness that came,
To the back stabbing unsavouriness,
To people calling your name.

They stick, they effect, they linger.
They are not forgotten,
But learning to heal in time.
People move on, others are stuck,
Some try to but are haunted by a past,
That was not always their fault,
For that is when peace is found,
They forgave themselves.

So to the people I knew,
From the good old school days,
Remember the words you said,
Cause someone else will.
They remember the fear,
The loneliness, the cruelness
Being left out.

For you stayed in the same lane,
But for them they zig zagged about,
Finding many lanes and many people,
They were never the sheep in the herd,
But the shepherd, different from the rest.


I know in between the gaps in their words.
That the thoughts they keep about it,
The lingering questions of
Are you happy to wait?
Are you sure?
Where I am right now in life, I am.
Being happier,
Being secure with myself,
More than before,
I can wait,
Knowing that the other is dealing with what they need to.
So yes I can wait because I will keep going,
With them in the back of mind, not forgotten,
Knowing the positive,
That they will come back again at some point.