Last time

The last time
In a long line
For the final curtain
The end!


The words

The words I once spoke with fire and passion,
Now feel tame and ash upon my tongue.
The words of joy and happiness
Feel mournful and dejected.
For they all say that an action speaks louder than a thousand words,
But yours showed none.
Your charm was my own jester’s fool
I believed every word,
Hardly realised the mistakes I may make,
For your words seemed full of meaning and truth,
But my heart and gut feeling knew the reality.
For I was a fool for believing in you,
Trusting you as I did,
For you probably told many a fib.
Why lie to her and yourself,
For someday she will discover
The thousand lies behind your thousand words.
For no deed was done to seal a deal.
For all you she could do was prayer down and kneel.
Her faith was tainted already,
But you handed the final straw
For she could take no more.
Full of anger, sorrow and regret
Why did she say those words that she may come to regret.
For maturity guarantees nothing only a beating heart longing for the right words.

I gave it all

It has been a rollercoaster of a week,
I don’t know where I can touch my feet.
For what I gave
To what I received,
Where minimal in all honesty
I gave it everything,
You could have done more
For I feel lied to that’s all.
I am sure you know what I mean,
For I have been here for all to see.
Tell me the truth, don’t be a coward
To quiver and cower in a corner you liar,
I gave you everything and nothing came in return.
I feel cheated for what it is worth.
I gave you my heart, my soul, my everything,
Can you not give the same, unless it is already given?


A notion of fight or flight,
Stand up and be counted
Or quiver in the corner.

Fear of the unknown,
Fear of the challenge.
Fear of the emotion
Fear of being right
Fear of being wrong.
Fear of fear itself.

A notion of fight or flight,
Stand up and be counted
Or quiver in the corner. Your choice!


In the silence

There is a noise in the silence you choose to keep.
A noise in the silence is where you may weep.
A silent tear, a whisper all hush hush,
Every choice comes from the noise and the silence.
The mind is in a rush.

For the silence you gave as a choice,
Is to calm the noise
For it spoke too much,
There is a noise in the silence you choose to keep.
For now all I do is wait and sleep.

Three little words

Three little words
That carries so much weight and emotion.
Three little words
That carried a barrage of questions and confusion.
Three little words
That created a vibe, awkwardness between us two.
Three little words
That were taken in jest and seen unkind.
Three little words
That opened Pandora’s Box.
Three little words
That changed us forever.

The priority list

In our minds we all have that to do list. A list of things we need to concentrate on at that point in a particular month. Sometimes our focus is our career, our family and friends, even me time from it all. This is a priority list.

One thing I have learnt about a priority list is there will be certain things that will always take over and when time goes by we realise the focus may have become somewhat tunnel vision approach. I think that this tunnel vision approach for this focus is on the time we spend with family and friends. There is always a cliché of life gets in the way or I am always busy. For me these are viable at some point, but to use them constantly or over use them is a blatant excuse. Or can come across as one.

The point of my post is to highlight how friends or people in your life who are important prioritise you in their life. If you are in contact with some regular then you can presume that you both see each other as an equal priority. But if you are someone who is always in contact with someone and never get a reply or always make the first move the majority of the time then you see them as one, but it is not reciprocated, unfortunate I know. I feel in those cases they message of silence speaks louder than words, just tune into it and in a way it could make you happier realising who breaks through the silence.

Think about it, who is your priority?