You never did

You never did say hello,
You never asked how I was,,
You never asked about my day
You never did ask.

You never did say hello,
You never said how you really felt.
You never did put the record straight.
You never did ask.

That time of year

The leaves have all fallen, the evergreen remains. 
It grows ever colder, it is time to stay in.
The nights draw nearer, the darkness remains,
There is little light coming through the panes. 

Big windows I see with stars in the sky,
The moon is brighter and rounder at this time.
I breathe out some air, it stands still and lingers,
Longer then ever it ever did in Summer,
But those warm moments have passed for this year,
It is time to look forward, when Spring will soon be here. 

In the present the wind howls, making sure it's around.
Jack Frost is neither benevolent, he doesn't make a sound.
He creeps in the nights, tiptoeing as light as a cloud.
He delivers his magic like a Winter clown
Pretending he is funny, but the cold gets you down.

Wrap up warm with layer upon layer. 
As we go shopping in the bustling bright lights,
It is festive enough, with hot to trot gifts, 
That are bought with tender love and care. For as they say
It is the season to be jolly, for one day in the year.
We all get merry with a sing song here and there.
We spend time with loves ones, family and friends.
For the festive season of Christmas will soon be here.

With a tree and decorations,
With pine and chestnut,
Holly and ivy,
Cinnamon and biscuits,
Mince pies and milled wine. 
We will all be drunk on happiness,
For it is the way to dine!

A Brick Wall

There seems to be a brick wall whenever we talk,
We never seem on the same page anymore.
I don’t say much about anything,
But really I wished we talked about the world.
To stay up late with no care in the world,
Counting stars and having fun.
But really all there is, is a brick wall between us now.
A busy schedule, no time to breathe let alone count,
As I know I can no longer count on you
To be there anymore,
For all there seems to be is a brick wall. 

We will remember them

Where red poppies grow
In Flanders fields afar,
The winds blow them
Scattered around the world,
Near and far,
Red petals swirl and settle on memorials and graves of the fallen,
We will remember them!

For the father, brother, husband and friend,
For the young boy and the old man,
For the families broken, that will never be fixed.
For those who never came home
We will remember them!

To the now eerily beautiful places we visit to remember them,
That were once filled with unimaginable horrors
Things we cannot imagine,
So we must remember them!

100 years marks the end of a war,
A war that changed a generation,
A war that changes generations still!
We wear a poppy,
We look at the memorials,
We look at the graves,
We think how brave they were and forever will be.
For King and country,
Their sacrifice was for peace.
So we must and always will remember them.

Autumn is upon us

The seasons are changing
The colours are changing.
Most places are dry and cold,
With gusty winds swirling the leaves,
The leaves that have fallen
To be crunched under foot,
Or flattened in the road,
The seasons are changing
Autumn is upon us.

How many chances

How many chances do I give?
To say enough is enough.
How many chances do I give?
When you reach the end of the road
A dead end, after turning every corner
Hoping for a straight road!
How many chances do I give?
For it to become time is up.
How many chances do I give?
To say enough is enough.