Never rely

Never rely on the person, who says they will change,
Never rely on the person, who breaks a promise,
Never rely on the person, who does one thing and says another,
Never rely on the person, who disappears weeks on end,
Never rely on the person, who pops up out the blue,
Never rely on the person, who constantly apologises,
Never rely on the person, who never learns from their mistakes,
Never rely on the person, who brags all the way,
Never rely on the person, who pretends to care.
In the end all you can rely on is yourself.

Sorry is not your word

We all have those people in our life who always apologise for everything they do, but never seem to rectify what they have done after saying sorry. They are what I call sorry is not your word.

It is like Elton John’s song of “Sorry seems to be the hardest word”, even though the song is a romantic ballad about a failing relationship, it could be used for many situations. As there are some people who say sorry but it is still the hardest word because it has no meaning. For those people it is an excuse word to make their actions seem okay.

Why do I talk of this topic?

I found that are people in life who have habits that are rude and ignorant, but saying sorry is a way to forgive them for their actions. Sorry is to soften the consequence and let the one being apologised to accept it. They do because they feel there is a genuine process and feeling to it. But when that person notices a pattern, they realise sorry is not their word. It is a word used but not their word of feeling to what and how it should be. Never fake the word and repeat the actions continuously.

For example you talk to someone online and you talk all the time and they do their thing in life and you do yours and you still communicate. Then you have a conversation and they ask you a question, you answer and ask them something. Guess what? It falls silent, it continues for a few days and then they answer out of the blue when you have had sleep since the last time you spoke. Now when you call them up on the silence, they say sorry, you accept it and the cycle carries on time and time again. Who is at fault? The one apologising or the one accepting the apology over and over again, I say both of them. The one accepting the sorry is accepting the behaviour time and time again, the other for not realising their behaviour is not right. The repeat behaviour of silence shows how much of a priority you are in someone’s life. So do not make the effort as much with someone like that because sorry is just not their word.

So in the future saying sorry should be your word because you mean it. Not because it is easy to say at the time.

A missed opportunity

There are many who move forward into new chapters of life,
When I am surrounding with all things new, bright, borrowed and blue,
All I can do is think of you.
With whites of pearl,
All I see is missed opportunities.
With bonds tied with pretty ribbon,
Ours is snapped like piece of cord,
For we once shared an occurred
For a small amount of time.
But now, now there is nothing,
But a missed opportunity, with you.  

January snow

The snow flurries down,
Flake upon flake
Fall down onto the ground.
Building up to a white mound,
For fun and games
For sledges and snowman.
For train delays and staying at home.
With snow flurries down,
Flake upon flake.

Am I not allowed?

Am I not allowed to be in a bad mood?
To hate the world for a few moments?
Anger comes with disappointment,
In people and circumstance.
To have the height of annoyance and irritation
But to express it is forbidden,
But surely I should be allowed for one day,
To have a bad mood?

Serenity in the stars

There is a serenity in the stars,
As they elegantly pass by,
Like the turning of the tide,
As night turns into day.

There is a world beyond us,
One too big to explore
But there is, a serenity in the stars,
Right here in my eyes.

For the stars burn bright,
But also burn out.
Just like we all will one day!

For now there is a serenity in the stars,
That gives a peace of mind,
A calmness to everything,
Even though they are a million miles apart.

A December reflection

I always think that December is not just a time of excitement for the festive greetings, Christmas cards, decorations and spending time with family and friends, but also a time of reflection and contemplation.

With December being the last month of the year, it is only natural to look back at the year and to think what have I done? To then look forward to what can I achieve? I think that is why we create resolutions to give us some structure to our goals, dreams and ambitions. I for one will be making some resolutions of goals I would like to accomplish.

Firstly in looking backwards at the year we have had and asking particular questions of ourselves

What have I achieved?

Could I have done better in some things?

What lessons have I learned?

Did my failures make me strive for success?

Did I give up?

Can I change?

Was I kind?

Was I selfish?

Could I be a better friend?

These are some of the questions you could ask yourself and answer. On that reflective period, move forward. How can I do that? Think about the answers you have said and create goals and achievements based on that.

I would like to wish everyone who reads my blog a happy new year and expect more posts in 2019!