To patronise

I am young, but also old.

You are old, but also young.

I am passionate and bright,

But you patronise in sight.

Age is just a number

Which seems your biggest blunder.

You patronise in sight

But I will remain bright.



I am not here

A poem that looks at communication and the bonds we forge and sometimes forget:

You see me more

Than ever before,

But I am not here.


You speak of me more

Think of me more

But I am not here.


You love me more

Then you did before

But I am not here.


You see no faults

Only smiles and jokes

But I am not here.


You miss me more

Want to talk to me more

But I am not here.


I cared for you all,

Like never before,

I was here.


Where were you before?

When I needed you more

I was here.


Waiting for a call

Waiting at a door

I was here.


You forgot me

I was here,

But now I am gone

You wish I was here.

Please remember to say hello to that someone. Time is not something that can you gain back. Make the most of the people around you, or those you have lost contact with. Break the ice! Say hello!


An Autumn poem

A three verse poem to celebrate Autumn. Enjoy!

Here in October

Autumn colours bloom,

Of red and yellow

And purple to

For sunsets call the wonder colours

Of nature’s call

To say it is now autumn

That is all.


For squirrels hunt and gather food

While foxes flourish in the glimmer of the moon

The tractors hum in time for the tune

The tune of harvest, it sings loud and clear

It is here. To gather food for it is dear

In open fields animals come to see

The changing season that is no longer green.


Shorter days,

Longer nights

Forever in a dream

Of dew and frost

For winter is near.


Proposed opt-out donation system

In Manchester, England the Conservative party held a party conference. Within that it was announced that the government want to implement a change in the organ donation system to change it to an opt-in (current system) to opt-out. For myself when I read this change to the system I was indeed very happy to hear it.

The one thing that I have found disparaging is the reaction from people who have never gone through needing an organ transplant or have a loved one who needs one. The comments that I have seen on social media have been disgusting comparing it to a body snatchers scenario, which will be very far from what it will be! Reactions of saying that the government is owning your body after you die is simply not true. You make a decision on whether you want to be part or not. Similar to the system now but the opposite way round.

Did you know? Wales have been in the opt-out system since 2015. 

So it is not a new idea, in fact there are many countries globally that have an opt-out system. Looking at the differences between the two systems was a project I undertook in college for a dissertation.

Also for those who are worried about the state-owned body, there are many levels to an opt-out system and of course there will be many consultations on the matter, I am sure many of you will have an opinion or two to share about organ donation.

Did you know? Many European countries have an explicit opt-out system already. Check out this list:

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Finland
  • France
  • Italy
  • Norway
  • Spain
  • Sweden

There are countries that have a tacit condition to organ donation. I was not sure of the word myself so I had to look up the meaning. It is as follows tacit means understood or implied without being stated. There are many European countries that have this.

But there are three countries that opt-in. The UK is one (exempt Wales), Denmark and Germany.

For myself I am in favour of a change in the system, but still giving people a choice. I know there are many people out there who keep saying they want to be an organ donor, but forget to sign up. It will save many lives as waiting for something that may or may not come is terrible. Plus it could give many people hope that might not have been there before.

As I say I am in favour of an improved system. A system that could improve the lives of so many. But before decided whether you want to opt-in or opt-out please research it properly before making a decision.

There are many charities happy with this decision as they know it will benefit and impact someone’s life with a decision of want you want to choose. In or out.

In the meantime tell your loved ones your choice and spread the kindness!




Challenge yourself with small changes

Currently I do not have a job, not for lack of wanting but more of struggling for the opportunity. So because of this I decided that I needed to do something to keep me active. An opportunity came in the way of becoming a volunteer.

The only time I have ever volunteered was for open days for a few hours and nothing more serious than that, so for myself to do this was a big step as I have had confidence issues and self-doubt of where I wanted to be and if I was on the right path. When a general message went out to see if anyone wanted to volunteer I took the plunge. I am glad I did. That was back in March of this year. Since then I went to two workshops to get to grips with what the volunteering would entail, got to know some fabulous people. Gone to many meetings and helped to create posters, events and taken many a minute of a meeting.

From my volunteering I have noticed a big difference in myself. I have grown in confidence and feel like I have got back to an older, but more improved version of myself. I have gotten my creative bug again which seemed to disappear. What I love is that I am growing as a person. I am not just helping myself, but also the community I am within. In helping myself I can enable myself to help others a lot better, for that I am grateful.

For me it was becoming a volunteer that has helped me. But for you it might be something else. Whatever it may be, do it. Take the plunge and just do it. You never know what may come of it and how helping yourself first will also help others in the long run. Maybe you have always wanted to blog/vlog and was never sure to what to say or write, just do it!

If you are not happy, make a change no matter how big or small, it is a change. It always starts with a baby step and in a few weeks, months or years time you might start running for miles and not stop to you end up to where YOU want to be! That is what counts your own happiness.

Christmas comes early

A word most of us do not really want to see or hear until the later end of November to early December when Advent starts. But here I am mentioning the C word because I have seen a post about Christmas cards on sale already, and it is only September!

I am no Scrooge and I adore the festive spirit by the way. My gripe is it is only September. Not even had Halloween or Guy Fawkes yet. I do like festival celebrations like everybody else, but this is commercialisation to another level and also an unnecessary level.

Really this is just a short post, more of my horror at how a religious holiday is commercialised to the excess. Usually I do not comment on such matters but I had a compelling need to say something about it.