The Journal

A place for your memories,
A place for your thoughts,
For your deepest darkest secrets
No matter what they are!

A place for happiness,
For sadness,
For freedom,
A place where judgement doesn't exist,

For the heights of imagination,
Where words will take you as far as the moon and stars,
For one day you will look back,
To see the memories created and how special they are!

An open minded soul

I like to see an open minded soul,
Someone creative and deep.
Someone who follows their own,
A leader amongst the sheep.
For a vision that is built in a tunnel,
Is dark and disturbing,
It drags and drains everyone around them.
For the open minded soul
See the light and is in the air,
For freedom of expression, creativity and flair.
They are willing to see pass the shallow ground,
To go beneath the surface and fa├žade.
They stand out from the crowd,
For they are not afraid to beat their own drum.
For an open minded soul is an only one.

Five minute wonder

I don't want to be on a pedestal
Or admired like a pretty picture.
I don't want you to keep your distance,
Come up closer, strike a conversation.
I don't want to be a five minute wonder,
A mere distraction, an escapism,
From the reality you want to shackle the chains from,
Your name is not Alice and I am no white rabbit.
Wonderland is imaginary,
I am real!
Don't put me on a pedestal,
Don't keep your distance
Don't see me as a five minute wonder.

Cause Sometimes

Sometimes we see want we want to see,
Sometimes our instinct deep inside say we are right.
For we process everything and nothing
To the point where we see a shining light.
We say it is our imagination,
That we are fooling ourselves.
It cannot be real.
Cause sometimes it is easier to blame the mind then realise the reality
That are instincts are real,
That we see everything and nothing,
Cause sometimes we are right.


Standing at the window looking to the sky,
With an array of pretty colours.
With trees as silhouettes from the bright orange sun,
Slowly passing behind the nature to enter into night.
Clear skies of purple, pink, orange and blue,
They mesmerise and tantalise the senses of sight and feeling.
Feeling in awe of wonder at the sight of nature.
Letting it sink into the blood and into the soul,
A photograph does some wonder
to remember the sunset before our eyes!